Our aims.

What does The Bridge hope to achieve?

Over the course of 2019-20, we aim to establish and kick-start a new network which connects professional ensembles and performing groups who would classify themselves as:

• Freelance

• Strings-based

• Musicians-driven

• Non-“specialised” (e.g. with a general repertoire remit rather than exclusively focused on early music or new music etc.)

• Interested in creative development and innovation that questions established conventions of what a classical music performance can be

This network will have a primarily creative focus, striving to increase knowledge, best practice and new artistic ideas within the sector.

The project partners believe that ensembles and non-symphonic groups are working in ways which can transform how audiences think about live acoustic repertoire growing from the classical music heritage, and how performers, creators and managers can think about how they make this work.

The first phase of the project will lead to an inaugural meeting in Glasgow in May 2020, after which we will establish a means of members getting together approximately twice per year, as well as a system of ongoing communication and exchange.

This is likely to involve:

• Co-commissioning and co-producing

• Sector development meetings

• Musician exchanges

• An online (private) resource hub

• Sharing of Audience Development strategies, ideas and best practice

Rosie Davies