Ensemble Resonanz


The basics
With its unique enthusiasm and artistic quality, the Ensemble Resonanz ranks as one of the world’s leading chamber orchestras. Since its formation in 2002, the eighteen members of the string ensemble are organised in a democratic way. Their work with composers, and the constant development of an ever-growing repertoire, are a driving force behind the artistic work. 

Known for
Confident, pioneering innovation; connecting classical music with the contemporary world in strikingly welcome ways, and scattering it throughout welcomely diverse spaces for all to enjoy – from prestigious concert halls to bars and basements. 

Check out
urban string, a monthly club night taking place in their custom-built resonanzraum - the world’s first chamber music club, nestled in a converted Hamburg bunker. Their second home? The hallowed Elbphilharmonie Hamburg, where they are officially In Residence.


Rosie Davies